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Your big day not long off, it could be only a year or two before the event, and you turned to the Internet to find out more information. If your searching was anything like mine then you know how hard it is to plan a wedding online in Scotland, so that's why I have set up Scottish Wedding Planners, your free online event planning guide.

The aim of this website is to have free wedding planners that cover everything from venues to what you will wear on the day.

So bookmark this site just now, before you forget and let us guide you to everything wedding related that is online in Scotland. Don't forget to tell your friends about our site, so they too can plan a wedding at the click of a button.

my scottish wedding
My Scottish Wedding
I know hard to believe it was sunny in Glasgow!

Scottish Wedding Planners is a free to use guide for planning your wedding. Just because we link to a service doesn't mean we endorse or recommend the service. It simply means they offer a service in Scotland for a Scottish Wedding. Always check a company out before you part with any money.

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